Do you need to travel on a budget? Even if you are not actively looking to reduce your flight expenses, getting a percentage sliced off your travel costs is a sweet win. This means more money for comfortable accommodation, dining, and even souvenirs for family and friends.  

In this guide, you will learn how to book flight ticket online in Nigeria using your phone and what you need to book for domestic and international flights.

Let’s dive into it.

What Do You Need to Book a Domestic and International Flight?

If you’re travelling domestically within Nigeria, all you need is your ID and a booking reference number. The valid means of ID can be International Passport, National ID Card, Voters card, Drivers Licence, and NYSC ID.

However, when travelling to a different country, the documents you are expected to provide are different from what you would be asked to provide when flying locally. Some of the required documents include a National Passport, a visa (you might need a student, work, or fixed-term visit visa); and proof of immunization. Not all of these documents apply in all cases, but your trip would determine what you would need to provide.

How to book flight ticket online in Nigeria

Gone are the days when buying flight tickets came with the stress of jumping from one website to another to compare flight prices before booking. With the CashMore app, you can compare flight prices of different airlines and see flight details all at a glance. 

Aside from the advantages listed above, the CashMore app also offers cheaper flight ticket rates. The best way to find cheap flight tickets is to use CashMore. This is one of the reasons why the CashMore app reigns supreme as the “boss of payments.”

How to buy a flight ticket on the CashMore App 

The following steps will guide you through booking a flight ticket:

  1. Visit or download the CashMore app on Play Store or Apple Store
  2. In the dashboard, click on “Air Ticket”
  3. Choose the trip that applies to you. You have the option of Return, One-way, and Multi-city tickets
  4. For your Return ticket, enter your city of departure, destination, dates of departure and return, Number of travellers, Class, and select search flights. 
  • For your one-way ticket, enter your city of departure, destination, date of departure, number of travellers, class, and select search flights
  • For your multi-city ticket, enter the cities of your multiple cities of departure and destination, your subsequent departure and arrival dates, the number of travellers, class, and select search flights. 

5. Select the airline of your choice and click on “Book Now”

6. Fill in your contact details and choose your ticket, either standard or Flexi Ticket. Select “Continue Booking”

7. Fill in the traveller’s information and follow the prompt.

Cheap Flight Ticket Hacks

  1.  Book Early: As departure approaches, the cost of flight tickets increases. You might save more when you book early enough.
  2. Be flexible with your travel dates and times: Travelling on days when everyone else is travelling could mean a hike in the prices of flight tickets. It’s usually cheaper to fly during the week than on the weekend. If you are looking to travel on a budget, you can adjust your travel plans to fit weekdays. 
  3. Be on the lookout for special deals: Some airlines offer special deals sporadically. Being on the lookout for these offers will give you the opportunity to take these special deals and offers. The special deals will always reflect in the prices that you see on the CashMore app.
  4. Use CashMore: CashMore filters ticket prices from the cheapest airlines, and this means you don’t have to hop from one site to another comparing prices. Moreover, CashMore offers deals on flight tickets.


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